James S. Soileau, M.D.

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James S. Soileau, M.D. graduated from Louisiana State University Medical School in 1963.  After two years of research regarding inner ear function, he completed his residency at Louisiana State University where he also performed two years of research on vestibular testing (ENG) in the Master’s degree program.  He also completed a fellowship at the EAR Foundation in Nashville, Tennessee with Dr. Michael Glasscock, after a stint as a medical officer in the Vietnam War.  Dr. Soileau supervised the Vestibular Lab at LSU Medical School and was a lecturer for graduate students on vestibular physiology from 1970-1975. 

He has been in private practice since then and has been involved in the development of vestibular testing equipment throughout his entire career.  In addition to the development of multiple medical instruments (including helping set the standard for caloric irrigation systems), he has assisted many of the industry leaders in the beta testing of vestibular testing devices.  He has lectured at many national meetings on vestibular testing and evaluation.  His practice is strictly limited to the evaluation and medical treatment of vertigo and dizziness.

He is Board Certified in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.