About Your Visit

We appreciate your interest in our hearing and balance program,
and we would like to welcome you to our specialty practice.

Preparing for your New Patient Consultation

  1. It is important to complete the New Patient Packet.  This packet is comprehensive and requires time and thought. It is intended to address many areas that are often over looked and may not be reported to the doctor. It is suggested that you take your time in completing, research any questions that require information that you do not recall and look over the completed packet again prior to your appointment. 
  1. Bring any old hearing, balance/vestibular tests and imaging studies of the head on a disc (CT/MRI of the head). Provide any records that pertain to your symptoms and history.
  1. An Insurance Verification form has been included in the new patient packet for your convenience.  We recommend that you contact your insurance company by using the number on your insurance card and ask the questions listed on this form and fill in the information blanks.  This form was generated to help you better understand your insurance policy and coverage. Note: Please inform your insurance carrier that the physician you will be seeing is not a participating physician in your network.  (Medicare Patients: Please inform your insurance carrier that the physician you will be seeing is not a participating physician in your network and Opted-Out of Medicare). 

New Patient Consultation

Since there is no adequate substitute for genuine “face-to-face” time between patient and physician for discussion of important issues, we reserve a full hour for your initial consultation.  This visit will include a thorough head and neck examination, as well as a complete history.  You will not be rushed, and all of your questions will be addressed.

Diagnostic Testing 

Diagnostic testing will likely be ordered to further evaluate your condition.  Most of this testing is performed in our office utilizing an extensive array of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Additional tests, such as lab work and imaging studies, will be performed at other facilities. After your testing, you will have a follow-up consultation to discuss your test results and treatment plan with the doctor. 

Please note that the instructions below are very important and should be followed when you are scheduled for diagnostic testing in our office.

If you have questions about medications, please call our office.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up consultations range in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  This time slot is determined by the type of follow-up consultation needed.

Out of Town Patients

We work very hard to schedule all appointments efficiently and limit your time away from home. There are many different scenarios that determine how long you should plan to stay. Some general guidelines are as follows: 

OUR MISSION, simply stated, is to maintain a medical practice environment in which we can treat you the way we ourselves would like to be treated if we were in your place. While most so-called “experts” say that this is simply not possible anymore, we do it every day! The importance of a patient’s trust in their physician should never be underestimated.