Financial Policy

We are a “Third-Party-Free” Practice.  The reason for this policy is partly practical and partly philosophical.  Practically, third party billing requires a tremendous amount of administrative overhead.  Health plans are also notorious for denying claims and delaying payment.  Accepting insurance would require us to divert our focus away from clinical care and onto these administrative matters.  Philosophically, we feel strongly that medical care is a process between a patient and physician and third parties should not intrude on this relationship.  Increasingly, health plans have not only reimbursed care but have tried to oversee and direct care.  For instance, the federal HIPAA statute gives government officials access to all of a physician’s patient records if a physician submits electronic claims.  This is unacceptable to us, and we are sure is unacceptable to many of our patients.

We will, however, be happy to provide patients with itemized bills, which they may submit themselves to their health plans for reimbursement according to their policy provisions.

Payment is expected at the time of your appointment, either by check, cash or credit card.


Medicare, Medicaid and all other Government Health Plans

We do not participate in Medicare, Medicaid or any other Government Health Plans.  We have “Opted-Out” of the Medicare program.  Contrary to popular belief, no physician is required to participate in the Medicare insurance system, or any other insurance system

All Medicare beneficiaries are welcome to see us, but are required by the Code of Federal Regulations to sign the “private contract” between patient and opted-out physician.  We “opted-out” of Medicare officially in order to disengage ourselves from unreasonable rules and regulations that interfere with the sanctity of the patient-doctor relationship and the joy of practicing medicine.  The private contract simply says that Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for the full amount of the bill.  Secondary plans may or may not pay.  Our opt-out status does not prevent patients from undergoing a proper medical workup and receiving the highest standard of care we can offer.  Our opt-out status does not interfere in any way with the relationships patients may have with other Medicare physicians and health care practitioners.