DL Cummings, Jacksonville, FL.★★★★★Posted 12/13/2014
I wish to reiterate last week was the most pleasurable experience with the medical community (given vast interaction over the years, I believe I'm well-qualified to say as much).
Interaction with staff at every level was unparalleled. Everyone was cordial, attentive, knowledgeable and most important, understanding. I truly felt no symptom was too obscure, odd or unlikely to mention. If I could point others in the medical community to follow the example, I would. 
I wish everyone the best over the coming holidays and very much anticipate the future when Dr. Gianoli and the staff provide the best opportunity to enjoy a fuller and more complete life (except scuba diving [sad face on that note here]).
Lastly, given the rarity of this condition and wide array of experience it so graciously bestows, please let me know if there is any way I can contribute my experience to the benefit of others.
Again, thank you.

Covington, LA.★★★★★Posted 7/21/2014

Dr. Gianoli and his staff have been extremely supportive and professional throughout my time as a patient at the Ear and Balance Institute. He is more knowledgeable than any other doctor I have ever seen regarding my vertigo and ear problems. He is the ONLY person who could give me relief after years of suffering from a bilateral fistula. He is very thorough and patient. He cared about providing relief and restoring my quality of life. I have recommended him to several of my friends and would suggest that anyone in the WORLD who has vertigo, see Dr. Gianoli for treatment.


Slidell LA.★★★★★Posted 7/16/2014

Great people always a pleasant experience.


Slidell, la★★★★★Posted 7/16/2014

Excellent doctor for inner ear problem, I highly recommend Dr. Gianoli.


Morton, MS★★★★★Posted 7/15/2014

Experience is good


Breaux Bridge, LA★★★★★Posted 6/26/2014

Dr. Gianoli's staff is very helpful, very efficient with phone calls, scheduling, forwarding prescriptions, etc. very impressive staff, & Attentive to patient concerns.


Eunice★★★★★Posted 6/25/2014



shreveport, louisiana★★★★★Posted 6/11/2014

The doctor AND the staff exceeded all our expectations.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 6/11/2014

I always feel that the entire staff is looking out for my best health and hearing.


Austin, Texas★★★★★Posted 6/11/2014

Finally got answers after numerous doctors could not help. Great staff, with caring and knowledgeable doctor. Traveled far to see the doctor and was well worth it.


McMinnville or★★★★★Posted 6/4/2014

Dr. G saved my life after 4years of misery!


Hennepin, il★★★★★Posted 6/4/2014

Fantastic care


Very thorough, patient, efficient. Wait time at a minimal. Staff and doctor make you feel comfortable.


Seattle, WA★★★★★Posted 5/28/2014

Top Notch Facility


Very informative and extremely detailed testing compared to other hospitals I tested at.


St. martinville Louisiana★★★★★Posted 5/21/2014

They were all very helpful.


Mandeville LA★★★★★Posted 5/21/2014

Congenial and professional. Meets individual needs.

Covington, la★★★★★Posted 5/21/2014

Very knowledgeable!! Professional, caring, understanding.


Louisiana★★★★★Posted 5/19/2014

Has improved my quality of life greatly, especially as I age. Staff is accommodating and my go to professionals when help is needed.


Denver★★★★★Posted 5/12/2014

World leading expert in inner ear disorders


Top notch. I have been a patient for about six years.


slidell, lA★★★★★Posted 5/12/2014

The care and time Dr. Gianoli gives with his patients is wonderful. I am so glad I found a doctor who is so caring and understanding and listens. Dr. Gianoli was the only Doctor that was able to finally find out what was wrong with me. I wish I would have found him sooner.


kenner, la.★★★★★Posted 5/7/2014

Best care and concern for my well-being. Very thorough, kind and polite


kula hawaii★★★★★Posted 5/6/2014

Love Dr. G and hope you keep practicing forever!


Seattle, WA★★★★★Posted 5/5/2014

Very professional and knowledgeable. Honest and straight-forward. The treatment, i.e. surgery, from Dr. Gianoli changed my quality of life.


New Iberia La★★★★★Posted 4/29/2014

  1. I would not go to any other doctor.


Vancouver, WA★★★★★Posted 4/23/2014

Dr. Gianoli and staff were great. They put me at ease and were very thorough in all testing. I finally have an answer to the symptoms I have had for almost 2 years.


Covington, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 4/23/2014

Doctor and staff are patient, kind, and willing to dedicate as much time as needed at every single visit as well as on the phone.


Abita Springs, Louisiana ★★★★★Posted 4/22/2014

Dr. Gianoli is the best and does not stop until he finds the problem. And then he fixes it. He is very compassionate and understands what you are going through.--Floyd Schneider


Gretna, LA★★★★★Posted 4/17/2014

Doctor and staff are patient, kind, and willing to dedicate as much time as needed at every single visit as well as

ALBUQUERQUE, NM★★★★★Posted 4/16/2014



Las Vegas, Nevada★★★★★Posted 4/16/2014

Excellent Experience - Excellent Medical Care


I am very fortunate to have Dr. Gianoli monitoring my SCD medical condition. Even though Las Vegas is very far from Louisiana, it is well worth the trip to have Dr. G see me and care about my condition. I especially commend Dr. G for never rushing me out of the exam room, he is always willing to take as much time as necessary to answer questions and offer additional explanations, when requested. Thank you, Dr. Gianoli, for caring about me, individually, as a person, it means a lot.


Norborne, Missouri★★★★★Posted 4/16/2014

A+++++ Rating!!! This office is Amazing :)


'Everyone was outstanding' I am so thankful that I found Dr. G! He was very personable and thorough from beginning to end. He spoke to you and explained all of his findings in a patient’s knowledge realm. Thank You so much for all of the in depth testing and findings. I was amazed that Dr. G performed some of the testing himself.


St.Amant LA★★★★★Posted 4/15/2014

He is very nice and never rushes the patient.


Miramar Beach, FL★★★★★Posted 3/26/2014

Everything was as expected. I appreciate all of your help and concern for my hearing issues.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma★★★★★Posted 3/19/2014

It was all very personal and caring, wonderful service!


Belle Chasse, LA★★★★★Posted 3/18/2014

Dr. Gianoli and his staff are fantastic! Appointments are easy to schedule and you are always seen promptly upon arrival. Office visits are thorough and you are never rushed. I currently travel 1+hour to see Dr. Gianoli, however, I would easily travel 10 hours for care and treatment. He has quite literally saved my life by diagnosing and treating my condition. Thanks to Dr. Gianoli I am able to drive, work and have a family.


Eugene, Oregon★★★★★Posted 3/17/2014

Very thorough, leaves no question unanswered. Dr. Gianoli is kind and personable- as are all of the staff.


New Iberia, LA★★★★★Posted 3/11/2014

My opinion is that Dr. Gianoli is excellent!! I have recommended him frequently. I also think the staff is wonderful... professional, knowledgeable and kind.


Covington, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 3/10/2014

Dr. Gianoli's professional manner and medical expertise is exceptional. His treatment of my condition was life changing, I do not know what I would have done without him.


Lexington VA★★★★★Posted 2/19/2014

Dr. G is an outstanding doctor. He has an excellent medical set-up which is the equal of what one would find in a big research hospital in terms of diagnostic testing and in some cases his set-up exceeds this e.g. UVa. He is a highly experienced practitioner and given this and his diagnostic tests he is able to work out what is going on where other top people in the field have failed. This is true in my case.


Baton Rouge louisiana★★★★★Posted 2/19/2014

Patient, excellent at listening. Explains everything. We never feel rushed.


Lafayette Louisiana★★★★★Posted 2/17/2014

Very professional and empathetic. Great treatment and service.


Covington, LA★★★★★Posted 2/12/2014

My overall experience here is excellent. The doctor and staff are always patient and helpful for what can be my very stubborn problem. Their service has always exceeded my expectations for medical treatment.--MRC


Lafayette, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 2/12/2014

A Wonderful Experience


I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Gianoli spent so much time prior to testing, during testing, and post testing to explain all that was going to be done, and then did an excellent job of explaining results and treatment plan. I had complete trust in him and had trust in his diagnosis and did not hesitate to agree with his plan of treatment. I left his office with a feeling of hope and satisfaction. His entire staff was wonderful throughout my two days of testing.


Covington LA★★★★★Posted 2/11/2014

I have had a great experience as his patient.  He takes time with his patients and is very thorough in his care.


Houston, Texas★★★★★Posted 2/11/2014

Dizzy no more


The staff is extremely helpful and well informed. I could not ask for better care. I would highly recommend them to anyone with the same condition.


Portland, Oregon★★★★★Posted 2/6/2014

Successful SCDS Treatment


Dr. G and his staff are incredible. It was finally nice to have found a doctor that understands my condition and situation as well as I know it. His expertise and care are hard to find these days and feel the cost of his services were well worth the expense. Thanks to Dr. G and his staff for successfully treating my SCDS condition!


Metairie, La★★★★★Posted 2/5/2014

Very easy to talk to. No rush or feeling that he is not listening or rushing out.


Lafayette, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 2/5/2014

Consultation was pleasant and very informative. Doctor took the time to address my questions and concerns.--Leslie Babin


New Orleans, louisiana★★★★★Posted 2/5/2014

Everyone in Dr. Gianoli's office has been wonderful to me. Anytime you go through health issues, it is nice when people are sympathetic.--Kristen M.


Austin, Texas★★★★★Posted 2/3/2014

Dr. Gianoli and staff are the BEST I have ever experienced!!


Baton Rouge, LA★★★★★Posted 1/27/2014

Dr. G is very easy to talk to and really takes the time to explain treatment options.


Metairie, LA★★★★★Posted 1/23/2014

Exceptional! But my treatment with Dr. Gianoli has always been above and beyond. -- Jan Adams


Moreauville, LA★★★★★Posted 1/22/2014

Dr. Gianoli is always pleasant and very professional in our appointments. Appointments are always prompt with very little waiting. We enjoy the visits.


Tyler, TX★★★★★Posted 1/21/2014


Covington, LA★★★★★Posted 1/15/2014

Excellent. The entire staff is Very knowledgeable and patient.


Ocean Springs MS★★★★★Posted 1/15/2014

I am glad I took a chance on Dr. Gianoli! He turned out to be an extremely sharp and intelligent doctor. His knowledge of the dizziness issues was very impressive. I would recommend to anyone that has been suffering with dizziness and lack of solutions to pay him a visit!! Also, the office personnel were extremely kind and accommodating.


Toronto, Ontario★★★★★Posted 1/15/2014

I appreciate the time Dr. G. takes to answer all my questions. I feel very confident and reassured before going in to surgery.--DH


Eugene, Oregon★★★★★Posted 1/14/2014

Very competent and caring staff- helped me through the difficult tests. - Z.L.


Slidell, la★★★★★Posted 1/13/2014

I was desperate and stressed that no one could figure out what was wrong with me. It wasn't until a friend recommended me to the ear and balance institute. I called and received an appointment within two weeks and that was only bc of my busy schedule. The whole staff is very kind, caring, and wonderful. Dr. Gianoli spent a great deal of time with me in trying to figure out what the problem was. I wish there were more doctors like him.


New Orleans, LA 70130-5130★★★★★Posted 1/9/2014

As I said, my experience has been excellent. It was great to have Gwen's email. I got a little shook up over forfeiting money and should have cancelled out the last time as my wife suggested.


Breaux Bridge, LA★★★★★Posted 1/9/2014

Dr. Gianoli is the most knowledgeable, caring, and helpful doctor that has helped me with my condition. I would recommend him to all patients with vestibular problems because he is far superior in his ability to diagnose and properly treat the vestibular system.


Baton Rouge, LA★★★★★Posted 1/7/2014

I truly enjoy coming to this office, everyone is so nice. -- Janet Rhodus


Hammond, La★★★★★Posted 12/19/2013

Love the staff and my doctor! Great service and I am very pleased.


Baton Rouge, LA★★★★★Posted 12/19/2013

The staff is always very courteous and professional, and genuinely takes a concern in the patient's well-being. Dr. Gianoli is outstanding, always listening to what I have to say and answering any questions I may have. The entire office is awesome, and provide a great experience, and this is coming from a patient that has grown leary of the 'medical clinic herding patients through like cattle'...C.M.


Baton Rouge, La★★★★★Posted 12/19/2013

Best experience ever with any Dr or medical staff!! Been to quite a few Dr's over the last 2 years and no one comes close.


Chattanooga, TN★★★★★Posted 12/19/2013

I could not ask for a better doctor for my inner ear in the world. Top notch and really is devoted to his patients. The staff here is also top of the line. Val went the extra mile for me getting me worked in a tight schedule to see Gianoli. She talked to me about how to file with my insurance to get reimbursed. I did not like the water test but I hope it gave them all the data they need to fix me. All in all it was worth the trip down from TN. If you want the best doctor and the best care just know that you will get it here. RMW


Shreveport, La★★★★★Posted 12/18/2013

Excellent interpretation and explanation of symptoms and testing.  Compassionate and professional staff.


Hammond, LA★★★★★Posted 12/11/2013

I have been coming to Dr. Gianoli for over a year and each time the visit is personal, professional and designed for my problems. I am not treated as a code on a chart, but as an individual. Without doubt the most professional, attentive and informative medical provider I have ever been exposed to or heard of.


Hennepin, Illinois★★★★★Posted 12/11/2013

I have been through quite a few surgeries. This office and medical staff are some of, no, the best I have encountered. I have called many Dr. offices in the Chicago area and none have replied in a timely manner. Timely manner means within a 2 day period. This staff, Val and Lisa, got back to me usually the same day. Dr. Gianoli himself replied to my emails also the same day. Unheard of where I come from. Any kind of info asked for required an appt. in my area.  Highest respect and gratitude to Dr. Gianoli and his staff. Thank You.--Betty Miles


Slidell, LA★★★★★Posted 12/10/2013

Very professional and informative!! He has truly been a life saver! I am looking forward to furthering this professional intervention due to the fact that I have finally gotten results!


kenner, La★★★★★Posted 12/5/2013

Thanks for all the help!


baton rouge★★★★★Posted 12/4/2013

Both Dr. Gianoli and Dr. Soileau are wonderful. They are caring, compassionate doctors who care about their patients and it really shows. I cannot recommend them enough.


chicago,         IL★★★★★Posted 12/4/2013

The BEST medical team for dizziness--DON'T SUFFER


Wonderful office staff. Cannot stop RAVING about Dr. Gianoli and Dr. Soileau. They are both WONDERFUL!!! If you suffer from dizziness, Dr.'s Gianoli and Soileau are the only doctors! I suffered for over a year with wrong diagnosis until I was referred to this office.


Boca Raton, Florida★★★★★Posted 12/4/2013

I appreciate his knowledge in all areas of the ear. Finally found out what I had after 20 years. Great bedside manner, was warm, kind and considerate.


Bentley la★★★★★Posted 11/20/2013

Has been a great doc.


covington, la★★★★★Posted 11/20/2013

Very competent doctor and staff. Very efficient, friendly staff. Clean office. I have had excellent service and care.


Slidell Louisiana★★★★★Posted 11/19/2013

Dr. G and his knowledgeable staff are true caregivers


Dr. Gianoli is a very thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate physician. His staff is professional and kind. This is an extraordinary team of caregivers who personify care giving in every way. They are passionate about their field of expertise, while at the same time thoughtful in detail as to the patients needs. I am blessed to have found the Ear and Balance Institute.


Baton Rouge, LA★★★★★Posted 11/14/2013

Dr. Gianoli is very patient and listens carefully. The staff is very friendly and helpful. After many previous doctor visits and tests, we are glad to have found someone that can help.--MKW


Denver, CO★★★★★Posted 11/14/2013

Dr. Gianoli is the most conscientious doctor I have met in any specialty of medicine. He is very good, easy to work with, and generous with his time. I wish all doctors were this good.


New Orleans, LA★★★★★Posted 11/11/2013

Very nice doctor and staff. PKH


COVINGTON, LOUISIANA★★★★★Posted 11/11/2013



Elkridge, MD★★★★★Posted 11/11/2013

Dr. Gianoli and his staff are the most professional and kind health care professionals I have ever met. I wish all doctors could have such high standards.


Corbett, OR★★★★★Posted 10/30/2013

I appreciate the thoroughness and pleasant attitude and concern expressed. Dedicated to solving the problem. CK


MERMENTAU, LOUISIANA★★★★★Posted 10/29/2013



Baton Rouge, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 10/15/2013

I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Gianoli. Through extensive and thorough testing he was able to diagnose the cause of my frequent bouts with vertigo. Dr. Gianoli took the time to explain my condition and teach me how to change my lifestyle so that I may eliminate vertigo bouts in the future. My former ENT doctor was unable to diagnose the cause of the vertigo. Stacey R.


Houston, TX★★★★★Posted 9/18/2013

This physician is very knowledgeable and approachable. He succeeded in answering all of my wife and my questions.


Covington, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 9/18/2013

A very professional atmosphere with Dr. Gianoli spending quality time with his patient. Very positive resolution.

Flushing, Michigan★★★★★Posted 9/17/2013

Everyone in the office including the doctor, technicians, and front desk staff were great to work with. Dr. Gianoli spends a lot of time with patients and works hard to make you feel better.


Morris Plains New Jersey★★★★★Posted 9/11/2013

Dr. Gianoli was extremely helpful, informed in virtually every field of inner-ear function and was able to properly diagnose me and shed enormous insight onto what can be done for my condition and my future. Basically a perfect doctor. --Matthew Delaney


Franklinton, LA★★★★★Posted 8/22/2013

Dr. G is great and I am so glad I have the best doctor. Annette Broadway


pearl river, la★★★★★Posted 8/6/2013

Dr. Gianoli helped me tremendously with a vertigo problem. Had I not found out about him and receive advice and treatment I would have found this problem overwhelming and debilitating. However, I have improved and can function well as a result of his care. He is a wonderful, caring physician.--Arlene Holley


Aurora, Illinois★★★★★Posted 8/6/2013

Dr. G is the best ever


MADISONVILLE, LA★★★★★Posted 7/29/2013



Dr. Gianoli is a miracle worker. He has saved my life twice! He is knowledgeable and spends time with you until all questions are answered. He is truly a wonderful doctor.--SARAH DONAHUE


Bend, Oregon★★★★★Posted 6/27/2013

Very Happy patient


If there was more than a 10, I would pick it! There is no other doctor or superb staff like Dr. Gianoli. My review may sound too good to be true, but Dr. Gianoli really is the best! Do not waste your time or money anywhere else...come here first!! --Linda Robson


Houston, Texas★★★★★Posted 6/26/2013

The best out there!


Dr. Gianoli is the most capable, experienced Neurotologist I have ever had the privilege to meet. His conduct is professional, empathetic, and compassionate with an excellence that deserves respect. I highly recommend him!


Pine Bluff, Arkansas★★★★★Posted 6/12/2013

The most wonderful experience. This whole staff is the best ever. Dr. Gianoli is the most caring and wonderful doctor I have ever had. Thank you all. ~ Lisa Newby-Wolfe


Covington, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 5/30/2013

Both the doctor and the staff were patient, understanding, and very aware of and alert to patient needs. I never felt rushed or as though my concerns were silly.


palm coast, florida★★★★★Posted 5/30/2013

Dr. Gerard Gianoli -patient centered doctor


Dr. Gianoli's medical practice is very patient centered. He was able to see me fairly quickly. He helped with insurance approvals to make the trip to see him from Florida. Everyone was very caring, compassionate, friendly and professional. I did not spend a lot of time waiting around. My appointment was kept on time and ran smoothly. I felt that my needs were the doctor and staff's priority. Doctor Gianoli met with me early in the first day, and then I began the day long testing in his office with state of the art machines that looked like NASA. They do not have any of this equipment or expertise where I live in Florida. Next day had a detailed CT scan and more tests, then my husband and I met with Dr. Gianoli for an hour as he explained his diagnosis and treatment plan. (My doctor at home only spends about 7 minutes with me.) Dr. Gianoli even showed me my CT scan on the computer as well as diagrams. I was impressed with Dr. Gianoli's high level of interest in my case and could see that he loves what he does. Dr. Gianoli makes himself available to his patients - even responded to me post-surgery with my questions during recovery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gianoli.


covington, la★★★★★Posted 4/16/2013

I have been all over the south seeing doctor after doctor for 6 years now and finally Dr. Gianoli and Dr. Soileau were able to fix me! They provided the best medical care and attention I have ever had! Dr. G gave me a life again when I thought I would never get it back! His medical office has some of the most sophisticated equipment I have ever seen. He was able to diagnose my problem and fix it within a month of meeting him. I have recommended the Ear and Balance Institute to everyone I know!!! I wish ALL medical doctors could operate in the same way that Dr. Soileau and Dr. Gianoli run their medical practice.


mandeville, la ★★★★★Posted 4/9/2013

Love Dr. Gianoli. He listens well.


Dr. Gianoli is the most patient and understanding doctor I have ever been too. He cares about his patients and always listens to everything you have to say. He is always available to answer any question you may have. He is extremely knowledgeable and if he doesn't know something he will look it up. He fixed my ears and gave me my life back. He is an incredible doctor.


Baltimore, MD★★★★★Posted 3/6/2013

Dr. Gianoli is the most thorough and kind doctor I have ever had.


St. Francisville, La★★★★★Posted 2/18/2013

Dr. Gianoli has greatly improved the quality of my life by his expertise in knowing all about my ear problems, performing the needed surgeries, managing medications wisely, and being available when I have emergencies. Kacie is highly qualified in her capacity in giving accurate hearing assessments, recommending the most appropriate hearing-aids, and close follow up to ensure satisfaction.


Lafayette, La★★★★★Posted 2/13/2013

Great experience


Wonderful doctor and staff. -Barry Vinson


St. Amant, LA★★★★★Posted 2/13/2013

Everyone is very friendly and I never feel rushed.--Cody Bercegeay


Baton Rouge★★★★★Posted 2/7/2013

Dr. G has saved my life twice. I mean my quality of life. Had I not found him and Dr. Soileau, I would still be reeling with vertigo. Thank you from the heart. You guys are the best!!! PAM THIBODEAUX


New Iberia, LA★★★★★Posted 2/6/2013

Attention fellow dizzy sufferers


Fantastic as always! Very informative and understanding staff AND doctor! Dr. G is the BEST! I had seen 17 doctors prior to seeing Dr. G, and he FINALLY diagnosed me correctly! And even more importantly, he helped me to my road to recovery after 15 years of suffering from debilitating dizziness! No words to accurately describe the care and professionalism of Dr. G and his staff! ***** 5 stars for sure!--Erin K. Arceri


Fort Worth, TX★★★★★Posted 1/28/2013

Dr. Gianoli is an exceptional physician.


Carencro, LA★★★★★Posted 1/23/2013

Dr. Gianoli is 'The Expert' in his field!


Dr. Gianoli takes his time and is always willing to answer any questions. He is very thorough and has helped me tremendously to understand and to feel at ease about my treatment. Thanks to all the staff for being so helpful also... especially Lisa and Val.


Chicago, IL 60610★★★★★Posted 1/22/2013

The Best in Their Field--Can't thank them enough


Dr. Gianoli is great, as well as, Dr. Soileau. After a head injury, I wasted a year under the care of various doctors. Finally, a neurosurgeon referred me to Dr. Soileau, and the Ear and Balance Institute. Dr. Soileau quickly and accurately diagnosed my injury. Dr. Gianoli performed my surgery, and allowed me to continue my career as a flight attendant. I cannot thank Dr. Gianoli and Dr. Soileau enough for giving me back the life I loved so much. Dr. Gianoli is very thorough in helping me maintain my health. His office staff sends me reminders for my checkups, and Dr. Gianoli reviews my history. I could not be happier with the care that I have received with Dr. Gianoli and the clinic. I cannot recommend them enough--BELIEVE ME-- they are the best in their field!!! I came from Chicago for their care.


Ville Platte, La.★★★★★Posted 1/22/2013

Very friendly.


Carencro, LA★★★★★Posted 1/22/2013

Totally cares about his patient. His knowledge is unmeasurable. Totally dedicated to his patient's well-being…. And my personal experience he is the reason that I am able to function.


New Orleans LA★★★★★Posted 1/15/2013

Quality Care and Concern


The comprehensive care and overall patient education is superior. I gladly drive from New Orleans to see Dr. Gianoli and his staff. I am grateful for sound healthy hearing. Many thanks to Dr. Gianoli. Reece B.


Slidell, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 1/15/2013

Highly Recommended


The staff and Dr. Gianoli are very thorough and professional. I know I am in good hands when I come here for a check-up or treatment. I have recommended Dr. Gianoli to others who have experienced similar problems to mine.


Franklinton, LA★★★★★Posted 1/8/2013

I am so thankful I found Dr. Gianoli. He is the only doctor I have found that knew of my ear problems and was able to help me. He is very friendly and informative. The Staff is very nice and caring as well. And I love the new Office.


Prescott, AZ★★★★★Posted 12/17/2012

Excellent Doctor - the only one that helped me!


Dr. Gianoli has been a miracle-worker for me. He has performed two operations (one on each ear) and the results were excellent. He is very kind, patient, intelligent, and a very caring physician. His staff is very helpful and kind as well. PaulaG


Lagrange ga★★★★★Posted 12/13/2012

Explains everything to you.  Is an expert in his field.


New Orleans La ★★★★★Posted 12/13/2012

Miracle Worker


Dr. Gianoli, is the best, caring and most available doctor I have ever experienced...Gerard Henry


Lexington Virginia★★★★★Posted 12/13/2012

Dr. Gianoli is an outstanding doctor. He has excellent clinical and surgical skills, and his diagnostic set up is the equal of any clinic in the world. He always took the time to listen, and his care and treatment will give me my life back, whereas I may have otherwise been looking at disability. --Martin Davies


COVINGTON, LA★★★★★Posted 12/12/2012



Chester, NJ★★★★★Posted 12/11/2012

The time spent with patients is invaluable. It allows time for questions but also the building of a relationship. Many times taking time away from the physician feels like an imposition, unless there is a personal connection that provides a level of comfort to discuss the small, nagging things that sometimes lead to better care. Dr. G always makes me feel comfortable talking about what I have been experiencing. --B. Ball


MORGAN CITY, LA★★★★★Posted 12/11/2012



Covington, la★★★★★Posted 11/28/2012

Very caring and knowledgeable. . //Pat B.


New IberiA, LA★★★★★Posted 11/21/2012

Dr. Gianoli has far exceeded my expectations on the quality of service he has provided me. I am grateful to have been referred to him. SIMONE GUILLORY


Baton Rouge, Louisiana★★★★★Posted 11/21/2012

Our experience with Dr. Gianoli and his staff has been exceptional. Our daughter had a complex problem involving the inner ear and the surgery performed was very successful.


Ponchatoula, LA★★★★★Posted 11/21/2012

Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They take time to get to know you and your story. You can tell they care and are up to date on the best treatment methods. Appointments are on time. I really can't say enough positive things. In addition to the appointments, two different staff members and the Dr. have called outside of the appointments to check on me...Jeff Johnson


Metairie, Louisiana ★★★★★Posted 11/21/2012

Fabulous Surgeon for fixing Vertigo


My entire experience has been great. I had disabling vertigo for 8 years. I am now 3 months post op and feeling great. -- Susan Giurintano Dr. Gianoli has changed my life. I can drive again. He gave me my independence back.