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Audiological Services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
    • Pure Tone Audiometry
    • Speech Audiometry
    • Tympanometry
    • Acoustic Reflex testing
    • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  • Electrocochleography (EcoG)
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential Testing (VEMP)
  • Hearing Aid Consultations
  • Hearing Aid fitting and dispensing
  • Hearing Aid programming and follow-up needs
  • Specialty Earmolds (musician, swim, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Industrial Hearing Evaluations
  • Medical Legal Evaluations

Call today for a complimentary hearing aid evaluation with a consultation to review the results and recommendations.

Ear and Balance Institute utilizes a full range of hearing aid styles with the latest technology and offers a 30-day trial period on all hearing aid purchases

What Our Patients Are Saying

They have been great to work with and very helpful.
~Ken W.

Dr G. Is honest and feels like he cares. I been to many that didn't.
~Travis Powell

Dr. Gianoli quickly diagnosed balance and inner ear issues, feeling much better within 6 months of treatment.
~Rod M.

Great Doctor and Great experience. I highly recommend him and his staff as they really care about their patients.
~Tina Hymel


1401 Ochsner Blvd. Suite A
Covington, Louisiana 70433
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